Integrated Audio Solutions Design & Installation

Design & Installation

We stand behind the quality of our installations and are confident the final product will exceed expectations.

Integrated Audio Solutions’ collective group of engineers, artists, and consultants create comprehensive design packages utilising the mediums of audio, video, and lighting technologies to maximise the sensory impact of a venue.

All aspects of the systems will be accurately detailed in the design package and will be competitively priced. A final proposal will be presented and can serve as the template for the actual installation. As an added convenience all gear can be purchased directly from Integrated Sound Solutions as we are also an authorised dealer for the equipment we represent.

Integrated Sound Solutions goes to great lengths to work with designers and architects to ensure that a convergence exists between the design of the environment and the performance of our entertainment technology systems. Recent projects range from high-profile schools such as Tatachilla Lutheran College, Bethany Christian School, Reynella East High School, Odeon/Patch Theatre and the Navy Army Military Club. Every project is considered as long as there is a fundamental commitment to a high quality system.

Proper installation is instrumental to the performance and reliability of any audio, video, and lighting systems. Selecting Integrated Audio Solutions to perform the installation of a system, will ensure dynamic realization of the design and the time proven equipment choices as well as minimizing the potential repairs leading to down time.

Get the most out of your existing audio system

Maintaining the intended environment of your venue should be a top priority and will require occasional maintenance. Integrated Audio Solutions offers audio system diagnostics and fine tuning that will optimise every ounce of performance out of your equipment. Our team can instruct your employees on proper operation for future reference to prevent recurring issues.

Whether your existing gear needs to be dialed in or if new technology needs to be introduced to elevate the venue to higher standards, Integrated Sound Solutions is the solution to your audio, video, or lighting concerns. Contact us for a no-obligation review of your current situation.

If you would like to know more please contact Kostas Psorakis on Mobile: 0412 929 494 or 08 7200 6991.