Design & Installation

Integrated Audio Solutions create comprehensive design packages utilising AV technology and acoustic treatments to maximise the sensory impact of a venue. All aspects of the systems will be accurately detailed in the design package and will be competitively priced. A final proposal will be presented that will also serve as the template for the actual installation.

IAS goes to great lengths to work with designers and architects to ensure that the design intent of both the environment and our entertainment system successfully converge. Any project is considered as long as there is a fundamental commitment to a high-quality solution.

Proper installation is instrumental to the performance and reliability of any audio-visual system. Selecting Integrated Audio Solutions to perform the installation will ensure a dynamic realisation of the design. Through informed equipment choices, time proven installation methods and training IAS will minimise the potential for any ongoing repairs and down time.

All of our design projects utilise 3D drawing software to aid visualisation of the proposal, review changes and assist buy-off from stake holders.

If you would like to know more please contact Kostas Psorakis on Mobile: 0412 929 494 or 08 7200 6991.