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Australian Islamic College
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Acoustic Treatment

Based in the Perth head office, Cliff Reed is the Head of ICT for Australian Islamic Colleges. Cliff approached Integrated Audio Solutions with the challenge of evaluating and recommending a solution to overcome issues with their gymnasium/assembly hall reverberant acoustics.

The initial hall visit was conducted during one of the assemblies with all students present to determine the spaces acoustic behaviour. To accommodate the colleges budget a plan was devised to undertake a staged approach addressing the gymnasium’s corner wall intersections and the rear wall first. The first stage yielded in an immediate improvement in the overall intelligibility of the hall.

The panels chosen were the Primacoustics Hercules series, specifically manufactured with durable impact resistants for use in gymnasiums. As with all of Integrated Audio Solutions proposals a detailed 3D drawings was produced laying out the optimum placement of the panels and the best outcome for the budget.

All Primacoustic panels are certified fire rated to Australian Standards ( AS/NZS 1530.3) and use a high-density (6 pcf /96kg/m3) glass wool core for the best possible absorption results. To complete the installation Primacoustic certified hanging hardware was used for attaching the panels to the wall.