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Gentinge Australia
Adelaide Office
Level 1/ 607 Anzac Highway
Glenelg North SA 5045


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Office Acoustic Treatment

The Brief
Getinge ‣ A Global medical-technology company. Hands free speaker phone calls were unintelligible making it difficult for all parties to clearly
concentrate on core issues due to the flutter echo artifacts.

The site visit to Getinge’s South Australia offices revealed two reflective parallel opposed glass wall and window in each office. Integrated Audio Solutions put forward a definitive low cost solution — the Primacoustics London 10 kit, comprising of eight (8) 30.5 x 122 x 5 cm control panels and twelve (12) Scatter Blocks panels 30.4 x30.5×2.5 cm. The kit was divided equally for each room and installed close to the glass windows for effective acoustic dampening. The rear walls were addressed with the installation of the Scatter Blocks, capturing the glass reflections at the rear wall.

Room and phone Intelligibility greatly improved.