BB Jazz Lounge

BB Jazz Lounge Hong Kong
BB Jazz Lounge Hong Kong

BB Jazz Lounge
Entertainment Venue
Hong Kong, Central
D’Aguilar St, 38-44

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Central Hong Kong’s Premier Performance Jazz Lounge

An Australian and Hong Kong based team recently completed the design and supply of an Electro-Voice/Dynacord high performance system at Hong Kong’s intimate BB Jazz Lounge. Integrated Audio Solutions from Adelaide in South Australia collaborated with International Sound and Light (ISL) Integrated AV Solutions, Hong Kong and overcame numerous challenges to create an environment that will consistently deliver all the power, subtleties and breathtaking acoustical dynamics of a live musical performance.

Design criteria
The club is situated in a multi-story building in central Hong Kong. The range of acoustical challenges included the celling heights of 2750 mm (2.75 m) and problems associated with the room’s reflective, exposed air conditioning ducts and beams. Critical to overall design was the choice and placement of the main front of house speakers and delay speakers. The team had to take into consideration the audience site lines as the table seating is formed into a rectangle around the sides of the stage.

Following extensive consultation with Joao Fonseca (Project manager for ISL Integration), a collaborative performance design was established. From that point Integrated Audio Solutions implemented a full CAD speaker dispersion plan to confirm the extent and accurate placement of speakers so as deliver all of the nuances of the performance to all points in the space and to overcome any unwanted acoustical artifacts.

The speaker acoustic solution design was based around the Electro-Voice Innovation product range, allowing for an extensive range of performance matched options. The Electro-Voice Innovation series design tool box options allows for a selection of rotatable wave-guide patterns giving excellent tapered dispersion capabilities of the upper frequencies, controlling the pattern under the problematic air-conditioning ducts and beams while at the same time, maintaining a small, yet high output performance footprint to overcome the limitations imposed by the relatively low ceiling height.

The final design called for two Electro-Voice EVF1222S (2) left/right main cabinets and two (2) Electro-Voice EKX-15S subwoofer extension cabinets aligned to the EVF main speakers. The CAD predictions dictated that an Electro-Voice ZX1i speaker be added to fulfill centre fill image duties. This speaker was specifically chosen for its small footprint and excellent high powered performance.

The EV ZX1i were again chosen for the delayed fill speakers for the various table seating and lounge areas. This configuration offers an extremely versatile mounting system (SAM) and with its compact size allows for the speaker placement in very tight and challenging positions.

The amplifiers selected for the project were from the Dynacord DSA series (part of the Bosch- Electro-Voice group). One of many installation features of the amplifier is that the amplifiers attenuators are mounted on the rear and away from roaming fingers. The Dynacord family of amplifiers are also noted for their high level of German engineering. This high performance design and manufacture results in exceptional audio performance, while at the same time providing optimum protection. In an environment where long term durability, performance, consistency and reliability are key — the Electrovoice and Dynacord performance matching is hard to beat.

Artist stage monitors
The monitor system comprises of six (6) low-profile Electro-Voice ZXA1 self-powered speakers. The EV eight inch (8inch)“hot-spot monitors” where an ideal choice given the room’s space restrictions. They allow for the control of any monitor stage spill into audiences areas, giving a heightened appreciation and a clearer overall audience experience of the stage performance.

I am very pleased we ended up choosing Electro-Voice. In collaboration with Kostas Psorakis and Adam Budgen from Integrated Audio Solutions we designed a system that would not only give pristine fidelity and sensitivity for the jazz performances, but also ample even coverage throughout the venue.

Adam’s CAD drawings analysis accurately placed the speakers, allowing for speaker waveguide types to be chosen, proving the exact coverage angles we needed to minimize the problematic reflections from the air conditioning ducts and beams due to the low ceiling height restrictions .
The consistent voicing between the EV EFV’s, EKX sub extension and the ZX1’s makes the system very balanced from the get go — the tuning task was minimal.

All in all the installation process was rapid and with ease, especially with the ZX1i’s and their elegant mounting bracket. Overall, I am very satisfied with the performance of the system and the support we received from Integrated Audio Solutions, we will definitely be looking at using the Bosch groups products for our upcoming projects.

Joao Fonseca
Project Manager
ISL Integrated AV Solutions

The appeal of Electro-Voice as a speaker manufacture is their broad range of product offering a solution to most acoustic challenges. This range covers various levels of products at competitive price points allowing for a solution to be tailored to almost any requirement or budget. In addition the consistent voicing of Electro Voice products makes it easy to build systems from various product groups without performance compromise. With such a broad pallet of products available Electro Voice is my first choice when it comes to designing acoustic solutions.

Kostas Psorakis
Design Solutions ∙ Project Manager
Integrated Audio Solutions